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Our Mission

Puget Buoy has developed a fresh new type of pop-up buoy, one that prioritizes speed, durability, and space efficiency at a low economical price for commercial fishermen.


Feedback from commercial fishermen is our team's most important metric for measuring our success. We recognize that for Puget Buoy to be successful, we have to ensure commercial fishermen are first and foremost in the development process of any solutions created. We are always looking to expand our network of commercial fishermen to ensure that everyone is represented in the creation of any solution developed.

About Puget Buoy

Puget Buoy is a green technology startup working with the seafood industry stakeholders to develop innovative fishing gear solutions that keep fisheries viable for everyone by improving access to fisheries, reducing the rate at which gear is lost in the ocean, and prevent whale entanglements for the improved health and sustainability of ocean fisheries.

Meet The Team


Evan Kim


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Evan is a tinkerer, collaborator, and product leader – a fearless facilitator and evangelist that bridges the gap between business and the technical to create beautiful products that delight and inspire users. Obsessed with designing adaptive, customer-focused, and data-driven strategies to make the world run more efficiently and sustainably. A driven program manager, looking continuously for challenges and lifelong learning opportunities.


Dylan Diefendorf


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Dylan is the founder of Puget Buoy and the lead product developer. Dylan brings a wide range of leadership experience and a creative drive to the team. Dylan’s diverse background is in start-ups and rapid prototyping, along with a passion for the conservation of marine habitats lends itself well to solving the diverse set of environmental and economic challenges that face maritime economies in North America and around the world.


Matthew Morrow


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Matt brings a background in product management working with consumer electronics devices, and is currently pursuing his MBA at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, focusing on entrepreneurship and product marketing.

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