How It Works

SC-01 (2).png
1. Set

Before deployment, using the Puget Buoy App, select the future time the Puget Buoy will resurface from the seafloor. The Puget Buoy spool of line is in a locked in position.

SC-02 (4).png
2. Wait

After the gear lands on the seafloor the Puget Buoy begins counting down to the designated resurfacing time. While the trap soaks, animals can swim without risk of entanglement.

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3. Resurface

At the end of the soak period when the pre-set resurfacing time is reached, the spool on the Puget Buoy is unlocked and unspools as it races back to the surface at 5.6ft/s!

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4. Reset

Once the Puget Buoy is the surface it is pulled on deck, respooled, the new resurfacing time is selected, and the crab pot is emptied, the gear is ready to be redeployed.

Puget Buoy In Action