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A Fresh Approach

Our Mission

Puget Buoy has developed a fresh new type of pop-up buoy, one that prioritizes speed, durability, and space efficiency at a low economical price for commercial fishermen.


Feedback from commercial fishermen is our team's most important metric for measuring our success. We recognize that for Puget Buoy to be successful, we have to ensure commercial fishermen are first and foremost in the development process of any solutions created. We are always looking to expand our network of commercial fishermen to ensure that everyone is represented in the creation of any solution developed.

Puget Buoy

The Puget Buoy is a fast operating pre-programmed release pop-up/ropeless buoy designed to operate at a max depth of 1,000ft. It uses a rechargeable battery pack that can last 40-50 days on a single charge. The Puget Buoy was developed based off the feedback of commercial fishermen across North America and is designed to be universally compatible across all pot/trap fisheries!

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